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Parish of Hempsted with

       St Mary de Lode and St Mary de Crypt

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St Mary de Crypt

The History of St Mary de Crypt

St Mary de Crypt is known for its association with famous people – some of whom

became international superstars. These include Robert Raikes who founded the

Sunday School movement; George Whitefield who was a renowned preacher

responsible for the Evangelical Revival in the USA and with the Wesley brothers was one of the founders of Methodism; and Jemmy Wood, infamous for his penny

-pinching and apparently the inspiration for Dickens’ Scrooge

St Mary de Crypt Church and the adjoining Tudor Old Crypt Schoolroom have

undergone an exciting redevelopment programme known as Discover DeCrypt.

Discover DeCrypt will be a centre for Christian spirituality and heritage for children

and families. For more information go to

Discover DeCrypt is open to the public 11.00am  - 3.00pm  Wednesday - Sunday

To contact the Discover DeCrypt Team directly tel: 01452 305235

Prayers for the City take place in Discover DeCrypt

each Friday at 1.00pm.

Coffee, Cake and Conversation takes place 11.00am -12.30pm

every Friday in the Old Crypt Schoolroom. All are welcome.

If you are in the city, why not pop in for a coffee and a chat?